Label Holder Dispenser for labels up to 4" diameter PL9530
Label Dispenser up to 4" Width PL9530

Label Holder Dispenser for labels up to 4" diameter PL9530

Part Number:PL9530
  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Manual label holder dispenser
  • MPN: PL9530
  • Feature: Fits labels up to 4" wide
  • Feature: Suction cup feet provide stability

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Retail Package Seals - Clear Round Label Dispenser
Label Holder Dispenser Up To 4" Width PL9530

#PL9530 is intended to be a label roll holder / dispenser and will keep your label roll steady and in one place while you remove the labels from the roll.  
Depending on the label adhesive, temperature, label size, and type of label it may allow you to thread the labels through the front mechanism and manually dispense them as well.

This manual holder dispenser will make your applications go faster by holding the roll upright and in place while you peel the labels off the backing. 

This manual label holder dispenser holds up to 4 inch wide label rolls.

Please note that this dispenser is for use with our Standard, Super Stick, and Extreme Stick line of clear round labels.

This listing is for the label holder, the roll of labels is shown for illustration purposes only.

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